For more than 40 years, SBCC has empowered communities across Los Angeles to discover and develop tools for individual and collective well-being. Across our full range of innovative, grassroots programs and initiatives, we reach more than 10,000 families annually.  As an organization, we have made a core commitment to place the gifts, talents and leadership capacities of neighborhoods first; as it is our belief that sustained positive impact must be resident-led and community-driven.


SBCC’s mission is to empower ourselves, individuals, families, and communities through innovating and co-creating a better future. In partnership with residents we:  

  • Strengthen Social Networks

  • Improve Economic Opportunities

  • Increase Access to Quality Services 

  • Mobilize for Collective Action


Candice is an I Heart Lake LA member, because of  her advocacy against illegal dumping a bill is now introduced to punish companies that allow illegal dumping. 

Cesiah started as a resident in a Neighborhood Action Council, because she is a passionate about her neighborhood,  Cesiah is now a community organizer with SBCC. 

Salvador started Clean Wilmington by himself because he saw a need in his community. Under SBCC, Salvador has grown Clean Wilmington from a one person program to now having hundreds of volunteers. 

Kathleen is a grandparent in the Kinship Support Services Program. Besides being the caregiver to her grandchildren she is an advocate for the Kinship Community. 

Eduardo started volunteering to set an example to his children, this was 10 years ago! He now volunteers and gives back to his community as a Neighborhood Action Council Member.

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