For more than 40 years, SBCC has empowered communities across Los Angeles to discover and develop tools for individual and collective well-being. Across our full range of innovative, grassroots programs and initiatives, we reach more than 10,000 families annually.  As an organization, we have made a core commitment to place the gifts, talents and leadership capacities of neighborhoods first; as it is our belief that sustained positive impact must be resident-led and community-driven.

Helping people to embrace who they are,
realize their future, and  change the world.

Our Mission

SBCC’s mission is to empower individuals, families, and communities through innovation and co-creation, we achieve this through our four impact areas:

  • Social Networks

  • Economic Opportunities and Resources

  • Services

  • Mobilization


Our Vision

Networks of relationships build the social capital to drive neighborhood change. Our model of community organizing differs from most by placing the long-term development and growth of relationships at the center of the process. Our commitment is to support the creation of resilient, adaptable, socially-engaged communities over the long term.

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Board of Directors

Todd Franke


Dave Cambell

Secretary Treasurer

Yolanda de la Torre

YMCA Associate

Ken Dami

Phillips 66

Juanita Naranjo

Vice President

Pastor John L Jefferson

Del Aire Baptist Church

Laura Herrera

County Registrar Office

Colleen Mooney

Executive Director

Robert Jones

LAUSD Teacher

Elliot Schwartz

Empty Leg Market
SBCC Thrive LA

Join us in empowering  individuals, families, and communities through innovation and co-creation.

Email: info@sbaycenter.com

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Fax: 310.414.2096

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