Innovative Economic Initiatives


Wilmington community co-operative café

SBCC’s Innovative Economic Initiative (IEI) impact area aims to expand access to financial opportunities in low-income and immigrant communities that are often marginalized by traditional banking/financial systems. IEI focuses on third-world, co-op and other scalable models, programs and initiatives that help residents increase their monthly incomes. SBCC’s IEI work aims to empower residents to be self-sufficient and resilient members of society.


co-op café





SBCC’s Community Co-Op Café is dedicated to investing in residents with a passion and talent for cooking and the culinary arts. Members of the co-op work as a team to develop, plan and implement weekly menus at SBCC’s on-site kitchen, collectively sharing expenses and respective profits. Being a part of the Community Café provides participating chefs with additional income to meet their personal goals, and the experience to expand their culinary résumés.

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