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artisan collective

SBCC’s Innovative Economic Initiative (IEI) impact area aims to expand access to financial opportunities in low-income and immigrant communities that are often marginalized by traditional banking/financial systems. IEI focuses on third-world, co-op and other scalable models, programs and initiatives that help residents increase their monthly incomes. SBCC’s IEI work aims to empower residents to be self-sufficient and resilient members of society.





artisan collective

The Wilmington Artisan Collective is comprised of residents who possess a passion and talent for crafts, jewelry making and other hand-made items. Goods are sold at local farmers markets and community events, increasing monthly take-home incomes for participants and their families. The collective provides an opportunity for artists to not only earn an additional income, but to showcase their gifts and talents through their craftsmanship (such as jewelry-making, knitting/crochet, arts and crafts, and beyond). The collective fosters an environment of mutual respect and collective pride, based on teamwork and collaboration. Artisans regularly host pop-up seasonal boutiques (quarterly) to sell holiday-inspired décor and other items.

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