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Affordable, high-quality mental-health supports from a strength-based perspective.

We have over forty years of experience providing counseling and psychotherapy as components of the strength-based and family-driven approach that guides our work. This focus has given us a deep understanding of the relationship between therapeutic progress and initiatives that build social connection and economic self-sufficiency while addressing the "learned helplessness" that can be a major factor in families affected by poverty and social isolation.

Our commitment in our counseling and therapy programs is to see each individual and each family not primarily as a diagnosis, but as a unique set of strengths, challenges, relationships, and possibilities. For this reason, our therapists work closely with our Family Success Coaches and other Family Well-Being staff to establish goal-directed, pro-active plans for individual, family and group counseling as part of a holistic approach that also includes economic development, education, and opportunities for social relationship-building. Within this overall framework, a range of different therapeutic approaches are available based on individual and family need, as well as ongoing support groups centered on topics including:

• Parenting/child abuse prevention • Anger management • Depression • Pregnant/parenting teens • Perinatal mood disorders

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