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We partner with families to meet healthcare, mental health, and other needs through participatory, collaborative networks.

Our approach to family well-being is informed by the same basic commitment to autonomy, self-efficacy, and self-direction that is at the root of our community-building initiatives. Whether individuals and families come to us in need of a short-term solution to an immediate challenge, or a long-term plan for growth and change, we see the work of our coaches, case managers, therapists and other Family Well-Being staff as a collaboration with community members, not simply a diagnosis and a set of services.

This collaboration with individuals and families is expanded and strengthened by a network of more than 40 partner organizations coordinated by SBCC, which helps to ensure that the full range of resources to support family success is never more than a phone call away.

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Join us in empowering  individuals, families, and communities through innovation and co-creation.


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