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Clean Wilmington has helped keep the streets of the City of Wilmington clean. Their hard work has helped improve the community. Below are some of the work that Clean Wilmington does to help impact us:

Keeping roadways, storm drains, sidewalks and other public spaces clean, while also facilitating the use of plant life that sequesters carbon, prevents runoff, reduce soil erosion, and provides much needed aesthetic enhancement.

Coordinate volunteer cleanup event between residents, partner organizations, local churches, etc..

Provide landscaping, cleaning and maintenance across 19 designated sites in Wilmington.

Promote and bolster the presence of Clean Wilmington in the community by attending community forums and meetings, stakeholder meetings, partner meetings, etc.

Raise awareness of the negative impacts that illegal dumping has on human and environmental health. Clean Wilmington believes that by proactively combating the prevalence of illegal dumping associated with Port-related industry now, Clean Wilmington will ultimately be reducing the number of annual cleanups required in the future.

In order to mitigate the environmental and aesthetic damage associated with illegal dumping and blight surrounding truck/container storage yards and Port transit corridors, cleanups will include the removal of waste such as: garbage, used tires, furniture, yard debris, oil, chemicals and pesticides that can threaten human health, wildlife and the environment.

In addition to preventing groundwater pollution, initial waste removal will also reduce the amount of hazardous chemicals that make their way into storm drains that lead to local waterways, including the ocean.

Weed removal, in addition to providing visual/aesthetic benefit, will also contribute to a reduction in blight runoff that can clog and pollute storm drains.

Provide residents the large and bulk item pickup and removal.

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