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Updated: Feb 13

The goal of SBCC’s Kinship/Relative Support Services (RSS) is to improve the overall support available to relatives and non-related extended family members (NREFM) caring for children under the supervision of the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), Probation Department, and Juvenile Court system.

RSS has English and Spanish speaking Outreach Workers who help families identify and secure resources for relative and NREFM caregivers. Outreach Workers meet caregivers at home or at another location convenient and comfortable to them to conduct an initial intake assessment. The intake process involves identifies the family unit’s strengths and needs, securing/providing families with immediate resources, and linking them to resources that will provide stable, long-term supports that empower caregivers and the children under their care. In addition to providing resources, SBCC has regular events including a caregiver pamper day and many family appreciation days allowing the families time to bond in a fun environment.

SBCC's RSS team serves caregivers and children in Service Planning Areas 5 (West LA) and 8 (South Bay).