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SBCC provides low-income families with high quality tutoring and after-school services to help their children succeed. Our after-school tutors offer elementary and middle-school age children numerous tutoring options in Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science, and more.

Our after-school tutoring program gives families the opportunity to choose a safe place for children to go after school and receive tutoring services. The program offers children who may be struggling in school a chance to get the extra academic help and individual instruction that they need to improve their performance.

SBCC Thrive LA after-school tutoring provides students a safe and nurturing environment outside of school where they can continue to learn and grow.


SBCC’s Thriving Together mentorship program was established by iHeart Wilmington Youth in early 2016. Since then, it has evolved to include a full curriculum that incorporates both student learning and volunteer mentorship. Throughout the school year, Thriving Together mentors assist elementary-age students with homework and provide them with supplemental materials that promote their ability to excel in and out of the classroom.

During the summer months, mentors assist SBCC tutoring staff to coordinate science projects, field trips and other fun and educational lessons. Mentors also serve as key relationship facilitators within the group by leading team builders, icebreakers and other engaging activities that promote positive social skills development in their younger peers. What has made the program so successful is the genuine enthusiasm, commitment, and passion that participating mentors have for learning, teaching, and giving back to their community.Thriving Together is an opportunity for teens and young adults to have a direct impact on the lives of elementary school children. The initiative also provides younger students with positive role models that encourage them to broaden their horizons and believe in themselves.

SBCC Thrive LA

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